Thank you for visiting my site. I am a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, and am also a licensed Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC license #65014) living in Sebastopol, California. I enjoy nothing more than helping others reduce their stress levels, eliminate aches and pains, and feel rejuvenated through both massage and reiki.
I have always been an athlete (I am a former collegiate cyclist, high school distance runner, competitive tennis player and softball champion), and I have had my share of injuries and aches and pains over the course of my lifetime. When feeling some severe lower back pain several years ago that chiropractic treatments weren’t eliminating, it was recommended to me to try a reiki treatment. I did so and couldn’t believe the results. I could feel the energy flowing through my body, and the pain went away. The Reiki Master from whom I received the treatment felt that I was also a healer, and suggested that I take the introductory class from her. I did so, and fell in love with reiki. I have been practicing this healing modality since 2007, and in 2017 I received my certification for the Master/Teacher level.  I have also studied healing with reiki and the use of crystals.
In addition to the reiki training I have received, I have studied and trained in various massage techniques in Sonoma (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release Technique).  I received my Certified Massage Therapist license in 2014.
I truly love healing people. My greatest desire is to be able to help people by reducing their stress levels, and by easing their pain and discomfort caused by injuries or chronic conditions, as I have been helped in my own treatments. Reiki and massage are wonderful ways to relax and rejuvenate the entire body, providing an overall sense of calm and wellness. I am a very intuitive healer, and nearly every client I’ve treated tells me that they feel so completely relaxed and restored by my treatments, and I find that most people who receive a reiki treatment discover that they feel overall more balanced, less anxious, and much more relaxed and pain-free.
Book a treatment with me in Sebastopol or in your home in the surrounding area (Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, Napa, and parts of Solano and Alameda Counties) today to experience a relaxed, balanced and more radiant you!