Reiki is an Eastern spiritual healing technique involving the channeling of healing energy to the client by the practitioner laying his/her hands on the client’s body.  The practice involves the use of the body’s 7 chakras (energy centers), and there are various positions on the body where the practitioner places his/her hands.  The client does not need to do anything except relax and enjoy the flow of the healing universal life energy.

The word “reiki” literally means “universal life force energy,” and because the energy is universal, it instinctively knows where the body needs it the most.  Some clients can feel the energy flowing through their body during the treatment (although some do not), and going to the spots where the injuries, soreness or pain exist.  Whether the client feels the energy flow or not, rest assured that the energy is flowing, and that it is working to heal those parts of the body that are out of balance.
It is important to note that Reiki is not a “cure” for any disease or illness.  The flow of Reiki energy helps to stimulate and boost the body’s own powerful innate healing abilities.  In some instances, a Reiki session can have dramatic effects, while in others it may appear on the surface that there is no change.  Nevertheless, rest assured that the energy is flowing within the body and healing is taking place, whether it can be felt or not.  If the client is resistive, however, the energy flow may be blocked, so it is important that the client relax and just be open to the flow of the energy.
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