There have been many studies showing that stress, tension, anxiety and worry have a serious detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing. Several medical/health studies have also shown that regular massage is very effective in providing a much needed release of toxins that build up from the everyday stresses we endure. Massage is also very effective at easing tension in tired, overworked muscles, and helps with injury recovery. Studies have also shown that relaxed, calm and happy people are more successful.  A 1-hour massage has been shown to have the equivalent effect on the body as 8 hours of restful sleep.  And most of my clients have told me that after a relaxing, restorative massage or reiki treatment from me, they feel so completely relaxed and stress-free that they almost melt into the table.

I have a nice quiet room in my house where I do massage and reiki treatments, and I play soft, gentle music to help you relax and surrender to the healing touch. So choose better health, and rid your body of harmful toxins and tension by rewarding yourself with a relaxing, stress and pain-relieving massage treatment today. You will feel much better afterwards, and you will be doing your body a favor and will give your overall health a real boost.

I offer the following massage services:

Swedish Massage – Relax and let go of all stress and tension with this traditional massage modality, featuring long, smooth strokes and even pressure to your liking (soft, medium or hard). Perfect for everyone in need of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Deep Tissue – This modality incorporates several different techniques (including stretching) designed to reach and release tension in deeper muscle layers. Perfect for those with large or stubborn muscle knots.

Sports Massage – A massage focusing on rehabilitating specific muscles after injury or overuse, or for muscles that are experiencing extreme weakness or soreness after an event. Perfect for athletes, weekend warriors, or anyone who exercises regularly.

I may also incorporate various other techniques into any massage, including: reflexology, trigger point therapy, polarity, acupressure, and side-lying massage for those with conditions making it uncomfortable to lay flat.


  • 60 minute Swedish massage – $80; 90 minute  – $100
  • 60 minute Deep Tissue massage – $90; 90 minute  – $120
  • 60 minute Sports massage – $85; 90 minute – $110
  • In your home, add $15.
  • Cash, Venmo, Paypal and credit card payments accepted.
  • Some Health Savings Accounts/Flexible Spending Accounts will accept reimbursement claims for therapeutic massage and/or Reiki (may require a prescription from a health care provider). Please check with your insurer/provider.

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