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Reiki Treatments

A full reiki treatment is around 75 minutes, and involves placing my hands on 15 different positions on the client’s body, from the head down the centerline of the body on the chakra centers, then on the back from the neck to the sacrum, finishing with an aura cleansing. There is no massage or muscle manipulation during a reiki treatment, just healing energy channeled to the client’s body. During a reiki treatment the client is fully clothed, and all the client needs to do is relax and enjoy the flow of the rejuvenating energy. I have a nice, quiet room in my house where I do treatments, and I play soft reiki music, which I believe assists with the reiki energy flow.  I provide you with an eye cover and blanket to help with the relaxation and surrendering to the wonderfully warm energy flow.
If you are unable to come to Sebastopol or to have me travel to your home, I can also send reiki over any distance, and it is just as effective as if the client were on my table.  All that you would need to do is to be able to lie still and relax for the time it takes to do the treatment.

Reiki Crystal Healing

I also offer reiki crystal layout sessions. I can do these in two different ways. I can add chakra crystals to the client’s body while I’m giving a regular reiki treatment to enhance the treatment and provide the client with the beneficial effects of the crystals ($10 extra), or I can do a crystal layout where the client lays on the floor and I lay certain crystals around the body in a particular pattern for i) aura clearing/etheric field strengthening, ii) balancing the chakras, or iii) for mental and emotional cleansing and re-patterning, during which I send reiki to the client without touching them.  These crystal layouts last about 30 minutes.

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I offer the following reiki services:
  • full 75 minute treatment at my home or over distance – $80 (with chakra crystals – $90)
  • 60 min – $70 (with chakra crystals – $80)
  • 45 min – $55 (with chakra crystals – $65)
  • 30 min crystal layouts – $45
  • Reiki in your home, add $15


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